How To Find Best Folding Knife- The Definitive Guide

If you are like me, who believes that every man should have minimum one folding knife and if you are trying to find out best folding knife that can used in daily life then you are at right place. Few months ago I started my mission to find a perfect folding knife and ended up banging my head on every single knife review which claimed that their knife is the best among the all. Finally after spending long hours of research & multiple failures I understood that not a single knife will fulfil ALL REQUIREMENT while a perfect folding knife is that which will help you on your required task. Finally I came up with a few possibly best folding knives that have multiple features added to them and provides great value to our money.

Here is comparison chart of the few knives that we think best suitable for every condition and all are them are supported by great customer reviews

ParametersVictorinox Champion Plus KnifeKershaw Ken Onion Leek KnifeVictorinox Swiss Army Swiss Champ Pocket KnifeBuck 110BRS Fld Hunting 3-3/4" 
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Amazon Ratings
Customer reviews574 Reviews714 Reviews251 Reviews357 Reviews
(Blade/Overall - Closed)
Weight5.6 oz3 oz5 oz7.2 oz
Blade FeaturesNon-serrated stainless steel bladeSerrated with Sandvik 13C26 stainless steelNon-serrated stainless steel bladeNon-serrated stainless-steel clip blade
WarrantyLifetimeLimited LifetimeLifetime warranty against manufacturing defectsLifetime

Picking up the right folding knife is tough business; why is it so?

It is only because market is filled with numerous companies that makes folding knives and believe me they are really good at their work and provide best quality. But choosing one out of it is difficult task as every single knife provide few special features while lacks in another.

Best choice of any knife lover depends upon its NEED. If you are one who loves to go for hunting then you will need a knife that have drop point blade while if you are like me who loves to go for camping & hiking then drop point blade will be useless; we will need a multipurpose folder which can help us to cut branches of trees, slicing fruits, eating tuna fish, removing ticks, cutting ropes etc. Best choice of folding knife entirely depends upon the need of its carrier.

Things one should consider while buying a folding knife is –

  • Main purpose for which you are buying a knife makes difference in choosing best folding knife.
  • Size, shape, length, material of knife blade
  • Handle of knife- Its shape, size, comfort while using knife, grip etc.
  • Other tools – Does knife provides other tools than just blade? Does it provide ‘Pop Up’ opening? Does it right for both handed persons?

Reason you buy folding knives –

This is the most important factor that affects choice of knife. As we discussed previously it is difficult to come up with a single knife that is perfect for all our needs. So different knives are made for different purposes.  People especially buy folding knives for following reasons –

Camping Fighting Bears Open Beer Can Emergency Tracheotomies
Hunting Carving Your Name Removing Ticks Cutting & Slicing Fruit
Fire-Starting Gutting Animals Eating Tuna Fish Opening Boxes
Fishing Sculpting Filing Your Nails Cutting Rope


Most of us buy folding knives for above mentioned purposes and though there is no single knife that can do all the work we have found out that most of brands making knives that can help us on most of this tasks. Swiss Army Knives are the best folding knives and we highly recommend buying their products as they provides multiple tools that can fulfil our all requirement and came at very cheap price, they worth every penny of your money.

Size, shape, length, material of knife blade –

Yes, size, shape, length and material of blade do matter while choosing a knife. A knife that provides blade with best material that is rust free and durable makes high demand. No one will like a knife that gets rust easily and not strong enough to perform its task.

There are two type of knives available  –

  1. Single Blade Folding Knife
  2. Multi-blade Folding Knife

It is a personal choice to make from but if you are looking for a folding knife that will open up quickly giving you full control over its lock & opening then single blade knives are best. They are simple, comes in multiple shapes,  but if you are a person who perform different task on the go like hunting, fishing, camping etc then our recommendation goes to multi-blade knife. Multi blade knives give you variety and multiple options to choose from. They are loaded with lots of useful tools that can come handy in almost all tasks. Best example of multiple blade knives is Swiss army knives. Apart from just a blade they gives you saw, magnifier, can openers, tweezers etc.

Handle Of Knives-

It is another thing that everyone should look before buying a folding knife.  A perfect knife handle is that which gives extra comfort and good grip over knife. Material from which handle is made makes difference, who will like if they get sweats on palm while using a knife? It can make a knife to slip from your hand.  Most of leading knife makers uses Aluminium, Celluloid, Wood, G10, Bone, Micarta material to make handles of folding knives among which G10 is extremely durable material and last longer, it is lightweight and most of the time it is found in tactical as well as survival knives.